Fooocus is a Stable Diffusion interface that is designed to decrease the complexity of other SD interfaces like ComfyUI, by making the image generation process only require⁤ a single prompt. ‌The interface utilizes a set ⁤of default settings that are optimized⁣ to provide the best results when using SDXL models. This interface should function with ⁣8GB⁢ VRAM GPUs, but 12GB is recommended for a‌ more stable experience. To install ‌Foooocus, simply download the standalone installer, extract ​it, and execute the “run.bat”​ file. The initial setup may⁢ take longer than usual as⁢ it‌ needs to download​ the SDXL model files. Once finished, you can access ⁢Fooocus in your browser​ using the local address ⁣provided.