Tome is a cooperative AI⁣ tool that enables ⁤you to tome/” title=”Tome”>swiftly generate complete narratives or append content to existing pages in a slideshow style. It incorporates a DALL-E 2 ⁤feature for producing personalized⁤ images and permits‍ the ‍inclusion of various types of⁢ media such as prototypes, 3D renderings, videos, and live web content. The platform is designed for⁢ user-friendliness,⁢ with ⁣the ability to create by dragging and dropping, responsive pages, ⁤and ⁤themes that can be⁣ applied with a⁣ single click. It also ​includes built-in video recording for narration ‌and effortless⁤ sharing options for‍ any‍ device. Additionally, it is accessible ‍as an iOS app for mobile usage,⁣ with synchronization⁣ between​ platforms.