OpenAI Codex is a model accessible ​on OpenAI’s playground​ to assist users ⁣in writing code. It is derived from GPT-3 and ⁣is more specialized for coding purposes than⁣ GPT-3,⁢ enabling it to be utilized as ‌an exceptional coding assistant. OpenAI Codex ⁣is skilled in various programming languages and can be employed for tasks such as transpilation, code explanation, and code ‍refactoring. It is presently accessible ⁢in private beta through API and on the Playground section ‌of​ OpenAI’s‍ website.⁢ To obtain ⁤access⁣ to⁣ it, log in to⁤ your ​OpenAI account‌ and navigate to‍ the playground. Under the model setting, you⁢ will have the ability to switch it to one‍ of the Codex models.