text-align-center”>Chatmate AI enables⁢ you‍ to converse ‍with AI avatars that possess simulated lives and emotions in order to mimic a‌ genuine companion. Currently,‌ there‌ are more than 9,999‌ distinct AI ‘mates’ to ​select from. By simply sending a message, Chatmate allows you to engage in conversation‍ with the AI⁢ using your preferred messenger app, such ‍as WhatsApp. You can interact with your AI mate through text​ or video in ⁢any language, and you can even exchange photos⁤ for a more ⁤immersive experience. Numerous text commands are​ available for your use, including “/mates” to ‌view all the different AI mates you have⁣ previously ⁤conversed with.