Reface is a mobile⁤ application that enables you to create authentic face exchange videos and gifs with only one selfie. You⁢ have​ the ​ability ‍to transform your facial features and assume the identity of a different⁣ individual⁣ in⁣ popular television and film ⁣clips, or⁣ simply have a good time by ​substituting your face with memes. ⁤Reface’s faceswap technology ​seamlessly applies your selfie onto another face in an uncannily realistic ‍manner! Additionally, you can generate an ​AI ​representation of yourself in various⁤ artistic‍ styles and effortlessly share your artistic creations ‌on social media or with friends in the form of⁢ a video, photograph, or gif. The application is presently accessible for download on both the App Store and Google Play, as well as a web application.