Strofe enables users to effortlessly ⁢generate music using artificial intelligence⁢ technology. Whether you’re⁤ seeking to ‍incorporate music into your video game, Twitch stream, YouTube video, podcast, or any ​other project, Strofe has got you covered.⁤ Strofe comes​ with built-in mixing and mastering⁢ tools,⁤ allowing you to ⁣personalize ⁣the music to perfectly match the ⁤mood‌ and theme of your content. The website boasts ​a stunning layout ‌and interface, and best of ⁣all, it’s completely⁢ free​ to use! Every‍ song composed⁤ through Strofe is one-of-a-kind and exempt ‍from any⁤ worries ‌about copyright claims or ⁤DMCA ⁢takedowns.