Invoke AI is a potent interface⁤ for Stable Diffusion that enables⁢ you to generate images ​using numerous diverse SD models. One ‌of the greatest aspects⁤ of Invoke AI is the ⁣”Unified Canvas” feature – which allows you to edit‌ within and around an ⁢image using text ⁤prompts. By⁤ utilizing the Unified Canvas, you can outpaint‌ your image to significantly increase the⁢ resolution, and‍ it can even​ be utilized to incorporate finely-tuned details to‌ specific elements of your image. Invoke AI has ⁣published a convenient documentation guide for their tool, which provides ⁤all the⁣ information you⁤ require to set it up‍ and commence.⁤ It can be ⁣installed much more‍ effortlessly than most other Stable Diffusion interfaces‍ thanks to a one-click setup.