Graphy is an​ incredible free AI chart generator that allows you to create charts more easily than ever before. When generating a chart, you ‌have the option to either ‌start from scratch or utilize ⁤the new⁢ AI-assisted mode. The AI assist ⁢mode enables you to input a prompt describing your chart (primary focus, types of ‌data, etc), and‍ then produces a chart layout that aligns with your‌ intended purpose. Alternatively, ‌you can‍ also⁢ design your own chart style and manually input your data. Graphy offers a wide selection of chart types,⁢ including column charts, circular charts, ‍ring charts, and more. The⁤ visual ​aspects⁣ of your chart can also be personalized, such ‍as the colors, size, and background.