GPT4All‍ is⁤ an open-source assistant-style extensive language model ⁣that can be‌ installed and executed locally from a compatible⁣ machine. The AI model ‍was trained on 800k GPT-3.5-Turbo Generations based on LLaMa, and can provide outcomes similar to OpenAI’s GPT3 and ‌GPT3.5. To⁤ install GPT4all on your personal computer, you⁢ will⁤ need to understand how to clone a GitHub repository. If you require assistance, feel free to check out our concise GPT4All Installation Guide. The standard installation will utilize your CPU for processing power,⁣ however there is an alternative⁢ to run it ​on your GPU‌ instead. It’s crucial to⁤ note that running on your GPU‌ is likely to take longer‌ and produce ‍inferior ‌results unless you possess a high-end card with 24GB+ VRAM.