FakeYou is a platform for converting text into speech that enables users to generate authentic, AI-powered ‌”deepfake” voices with a wide range of renowned voices.⁤ It provides ​numerous choices for‌ mimicking well-known personalities⁢ and fictional characters, and also allows users to utilize​ voice models from open-source platforms. While ‌there is⁢ a feature for cloning‍ voices, we‍ strongly discourage its use due to security ⁢concerns (refer to: ⁢Why AI voice cloning can be ⁤hazardous). ​The platform⁢ is free to⁣ use, and the voices are ⁣created and shared by the community. ‍Creating an account will expedite the generation of your text-to-speech, but ‍you are ‍still restricted to 12 ‌seconds per voiceover ‌(although you can generate multiple 12-second‌ clips and merge them together).