Bing⁤ Chat ‍is ⁢Microsoft’s complimentary AI chatbot designed to assist you‍ with⁤ searching ⁤for information​ and carry out a variety of tasks. It​ can be accessed on ​both desktop and mobile via the Bing website, however, you‍ can currently only access⁣ Bing ​Chat when using the Microsoft Edge browser. One of the main features of Bing Chat is the ability ‍to adjust the conversational tone depending on the⁤ answer you desire (Inventive, Well-balanced, or Accurate). You can now also generate images using Bing Chat by switching ‍to inventive mode ‍and​ initiating your prompt with something ‍like ​“Create an image of…” and then⁤ describing your image.