InvokeAI is a recent ‌addition to Stable ⁢Diffusion providing ‌a truly ​impressive ⁣interface ⁤with numerous exclusive features.⁤ The interactive⁤ canvas is among the‍ finest attributes ​of InvokeAI, where you can input an image and sketch around it, with both ‌inpainting and outpainting options available! I have thoroughly enjoyed utilizing InvokeAI to enhance some​ of my image creations, yielding‍ excellent outcomes. As it operates on Stable Diffusion, installation ⁢can be somewhat challenging⁢ for certain individuals. Fortunately, you can access the invokeai/” title=”How to Install InvokeAI”>complete ⁤installation guide directly from⁣ InvokeAI’s ‌ GitHub page.