BIGVU At ⁣a‍ time when more people than ever rely on technology⁤ to produce and ​consume content, a mobile story-telling platform⁣ known as ‌BIGVU provides users with the tools required to ​create professional-looking videos that can easily ⁤be shared ‍with others.

The BIGVU platform makes it easy for users to ⁤create and manage media content. By using templates and other automated ⁤features, users can quickly and​ easily design a professional-looking video ‌that has a great impact. Once created, the videos can then ‍be shared on‍ a variety‌ of platforms, including social media and ⁣video sharing websites.

The ​platform also‌ offers users ‍a range of tools to help with the creation⁣ of their videos. These include a text-to-speech generator, which allows users to quickly and easily add spoken audio to their videos. There are ⁢also various image and text features available, as well as ‌over 800 ‌unique backgrounds and templates.

In‌ addition, BIGVU offers bespoke ⁣video creation solutions for businesses. This includes an Animation ⁤Studio, which allows users to ‌create personalized animations for⁤ their videos. Another feature of the platform is its AI-powered Video⁣ Editor,⁢ which enables users to seamlessly add additional elements to their videos without needing to manually edit them.

BIGVU allow users to create⁢ videos⁤ quickly and easily, with professional‌ results, and is a ​great tool ⁢for businesses⁢ and individuals looking⁢ to create effective‌ and engaging content.

BIGVU is a video creation tool that uses AI technology to generate professional video scripts. With their AI Magic Writer tool, you can quickly and easily create high-quality video content on any topic. The platform offers templates for various types of videos, including business pitches, sales proposals, and news updates. Once you choose your script, you can shoot your video using the teleprompter feature and edit it on the go using BIGVU’s suite of tools. If you plan to subscribe to BIGVU, you can use the following coupon code to get 20% off: “xgN6CxcD“.