Steady Beluga 2 is a new open-source LLM developed by Stability AI and is based off of the LLamA-2 model by Meta AI with 70 billion parameters. This LLM⁢ is ⁢presently leading the chart on Hugging Face’s Open LLM Leaderboard. Similar to most other LLMs, you will require an interface installed to execute Steady Beluga 2 on your⁤ own ⁣hardware, and the system requirements are quite high.‌ Currently, there ⁢is both a 7B and 13B parameter version ‍of the model available which⁤ you can locate on the ‍Hugging Face space. The model can also be executed on Hugging Face, but it necessitates you to‌ have access to PRO spaces.