Interior AI is a web-based tool that⁢ enables you to ⁣generate interior design concepts, as well as apply various styles to your⁣ own⁢ interior photos. You can upload an image of a room and select from 16 styles such as⁣ simple, ornate, retro, and more. ⁤The ‍AI will perform its magic and⁢ provide you with a brand new concept idea⁢ for your room. There is also an option to choose the ⁣room category, which can​ significantly alter the resulting‍ photo, so ​make sure ⁣to choose the appropriate one! You can utilize Interior ​AI for free; however, there are‍ restrictions, your concepts will be public, and⁢ you can only utilize ⁣the images ⁤for commercial purposes with the pro version.