HelloData offers multiple AI tools to expedite construction⁢ takeoffs, automate estimates, and​ convert scanned architectural plans⁤ into ​usable data. It utilizes an​ algorithm to extract room ‍categories, measurements, square​ footage, ⁣and attributes from multifamily unit ‌floor plans, which can be utilized for space organization, market analysis, and supplementing listing data. It can also be employed for batch processing property living areas for tax evaluation, renovation​ project layout, ⁣and budget planning, as ‍well ⁢as estimation for construction contractors. To access the ⁢tools, simply scroll to ‌the bottom of ⁣their page and navigate to‍ the products tab. Through⁣ their ⁣FloorPlans‌ tool, you⁣ can ⁢digitize floorplans and ⁤extract data such as room dimensions and area.​ They also⁣ provide‍ a RealType⁢ tool‌ that can generate⁣ a comprehensive property description based on⁤ the address, making it ideal for⁤ creating quick and ​impactful real estate property ‍descriptions.